How to use Nigerian Cards on Google Play

How to Use Nigerian Cards on Google Play

Using Nigerian cards on Google Play always come with different types of challenges(errors). Many people have tried it but it fails while some got it to work!

You can also get yours working by taking your time to read this article words by words.

What is Google Play?

Google Play platform owned by a multi-billion dollars company, Google. Google Play is a platform where downloading of android app, android games, ebooks and much more are downloaded for free or for a fee. It’s known as the most secure app market for Android to download games and apps. It’s also comes pre-installed in most android apps. It allows developers of mobile apps to reach out to billions of android users. It also allows sharing of reviews about apps and games. It’s the nearest platform for you as an android app user to download apps and games.

How secured is Google Play?

Google play has a set of security policy in place for developers of mobile apps which highly protects users from insecurity concerning their data. Google is also transparent in their payment system. They withdraw the exact amount from the client’s card while a client makes a purchase.

Why does Google reject some cards?

Google may reject your card for security reason; Google may reject your card for security reason and it mostly happens if the name on your card is different from the name you input while filling your card information.

Google may also reject your card if your bank is placing a temporal or permanent ban on your card from international transactions; this is nothing to worry about as you may pick up your phone and contact your bank for immediate enablement if you feel the issue is from them.

If your bank is disallowing international payment; This issue can’t be solved but don’t worry we have the fix for you below.

Internet connection; This does not come as issue most times but it worths checking!

Nigerian cards that may work flawlessly

Some Nigerian debit cards may really work flawlessly, cards from these banks may work if your payment information is entered correctly.

FirstBank Mastercard, Access Bank Visa card.

The cards above may flawlessly work if you enter your information correctly.

But wait!

We have a sure fix! Keep reading!

The fix!

To quickly get out of the problems from Nigerian commercial banks the best sure alternative is to download app that convert your money to US dollars on Google Play. The apps like Cashex, Payday and more.

These apps offer virtual VISA or MasterCard for anybody who registers his or her account there. The one I personally used without encountering a single problem is Cashex, I used this app and I made online payment flawlessly without a single trouble. If you have BVN, you’re one step away from getting your Cashex account created and activated. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Download Cashex APP From Google Play store

 2. Create and account

 3. Verify your account

 4. Fund your account with naira

 5. Exchange it to dollar and fund your  card with it

  6. Make your purchase on Google play store.

Wait! If you don’t have BVN, keep reading

Go to your a bank with your NIN and request enrollment for BVN, when you’re done wait for 3 or 4 days for the BVN to be activated. When your BVN gets activated you may follow the steps above.

Just some hints, when you’re trying to make a purchase on Google Play Store, make sure you take your time to read about what you’re buying not to mistakenly choose a different option. Choosing lifetime plan while trying to choose monthly plan may cause you X10 of your budget. So, make sure you’re not rushing while making your purchase.

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