Wahala Celebrity Won!

Wahala Celebrity Won! there was a news circulating on social media about two old friends that were promising a fight!

It worth noting that the wahala musician accused Charles Okocha of ripping recently.

In few days later, Okocha was seen vowing to beat up Habeeb Okikiola known as Portable(The wahala musician) whenever he sees him. Later the wahala musician replied and vowed to do the same when he meet Charles too.

Before the main fight, Portable and Charles have been seen in minor abuses and fights; meeting on the street to exchange minor punches.

However, a day of a fight was fixed and both parties accept the challenge. 26th day of December, 2023 was chosen.

By this day, Portable was seen entering the fighting arena with much energy and Okocha majestic entering wasn’t bad.

Portable is a well known musician due to his rough style of making songs. A Nigerian, a smart man.

He’s known to allow not cheating, he doesn’t really give in. He’s known by almost everyone for this.

Charles Okocha is on the other hand an MC, a brand influencer and a content creator.

He’s known for his amusingly stupid style while creating content. He may be called Mr. Phenomenal according to what he says most.

Charles Okocha was really not slim-looking rather he is a bit more giant than Portable and he’s also more fair in complexion compared to Portable, a native boy!

The fight between Okocha and Portable held as expected and a number of punches were exchanged. Portable was made to fall by Okocha once but Portable was able to retaliate with a number of punches.

At last the fight ended and Portable was declared a winner with a Belt.

He was hyped by many while Charles went home not happy and talking about rigging. Wait, do people rig in fighting? So, not just in election🤔.

Charles took to his Facebook page to call the declaration a cheat! Is the declaration really a cheat?

Portable on the other hand is now seen happy as normal as it should be, for all winners are always and normally seen happy.

The fight and the declaration and raised more reactions from netizens as Manny are talking shit of the declaration to be really not correct!

Odunlade Adekola, a very popular Nollywood actor, a minor pastor and a comedian. He has partaken in many movies, hot and cold. He’s known for his ability to fit a robbery role. He’s also good at making people laugh even out of their expectations.

Odunlade Adekola has been talking about this fight days ago just to make people aware of it though many considered it an amusing lie. They didn’t believe that a very popular artist can accept a challenge of exchanging punches with a colleague.

Jaye Kuti, a veteran actress wasn’t left behind while the fighting date was been fixed. He also released a very short skit just about the fight. Jaye Kuti was part of the glamorous ingredients that enlarges the number of crowd that attended.

Agba inaki(Lekan_kingkong) was also part of the preparation makers of the fight. He made some posts and also came live on his Instagram page to talk about it.

Awalife wasn’t also left out.

The fight, after it was completed Odunlade Adekola and Agbainaki plus a dark man had a live Instagram chat and it was really funny until Mr. Odun lost his connectivity which makes people leave at a glance.

At last, Wahala Celebrity Won!

There’s is still a time for you to watch this scene on any social media of your choice as long as you wish to see it with your eyes.

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